Monday, January 7, 2013

Beautiful conditions at San Benedicto

We made it!!! We arrived here at Isla San Benedicto just a few hours ago to a setting sun and beautiful conditions that made our day. Everyone had been anxiously awaiting to get in the water and we made a good dive here at El Fondeadero. Visibility was not bad at 30 ft. (10m), but there was lots to see. Starting the dive with sightings of white tip sharks along with eels and octopus in cracks. We even got to see two giant pacific electric rays, which aren`t very "giant" by the way. We finished the dive with a black manta swimming circles right next to the ascent line. We played for awhile and made our safety stop while the manta came back again and again. That`s the way we like to start our trips and we are anxiously awaiting more to come. Now for a barbeque on the bow....

Until Next Time,

Dave Valencia

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