Wednesday, January 9, 2013

We didn't need to look for mantas, they were all over!

We had a great day at San Benedicto!!! On our first two dives at "El canyon" we got mantas and hammerheads for everyone! But the best were the two last dives of the day at "El Boiler." The first one with mantas, and some silvertips. Second dive was the best, 3 giant mantas at the same place during the all dive, there was no need to swim at all. They kept coming to us playing with all the divers we literally didn`t need to look for them, they were all over. Everyone is very happy and tomorrow we expect to have more happy faces because we are heading right now to "Roca Partida". 
I feel sorry for all those that can not be on board with us. No worries, there are more trips to come!

Claudio, Divemaster.

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