Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hammerheads and dolphins at San Benedicto!

Hola todos

We spent our very last day of our new years trip at San Benedicto island.  In the morning we did two dives at el Boiler where we found a BIG school of hammerheads, silky, and silver tip sharks.  
In the morning we did 2 dives at El Boiler, and we could enjoy a big school of Hammerheads, Silky and silver tips sharks. Of course, the dolphins came to join us in the dive, giving our divers the chance to get some great close interaction with them!
Water was 77F with 90'+ visibility and very mild current. 
We moved sites to el Canon for our afternoon dives, and we had a great time with several groups of hammerhead sharks that made very close passes by our divers!.  Visibility was slightly lower than at el Canon, which made it even more exciting when a hammerhead would appear!  It might have even been a bit surprising for them too! This was the last day of our new year's trips, now heading back to Cabo San Lucas, and we can not wait for the next great Socorro adventures!
Ricardo TamaƱo
Dive Instructor

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