Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The whales are here at San Benedicto!

Hi all! 
The whales are here at San Benedicto! We are very excited about trip #9! We did 4 dives starting with el FONDEADERO. There was a mild current that allowed us to drift along the reef enjoying the 77F degree water. 
White tip reef sharks were swimming all over the place which kept our cameras busy taking photos! We explored the reeef and found many lobsters, green morays, giant electric rays, and tons of fish over the reef.  We didn't find any mantas on our first dive, so we decided to move to a spot where we knew there was a good chance we would find them.
We moved to El Boiler and found a little bit of everything! The first thing we noticed right away was a much improved visibility from our previous dive site! We ended up spending the rest of the day here with more little critters!  On the south west point we found a hammer head shark, then we drifted alongside 4 dolphisn with the current coming from the south!
After a great day of diving we were pulling away from our dive site after our 4th dive of the day, and a mama humpback, her baby, and escort humpbacks swam right over the dive site! They joined the party a little bit late, but it was still fun to watch them jumping and tail flapping from the pangas! Now we are off to Socorro island!
Dive Instructor
Daniel Zapata

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