Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mantas, dolphins, hammerheads, tiger shark and more!

Hola from San Benedicto!
Today we had our first full diving day at El Cañon. We started the day with a couple of mantas and dolphins playing at the surface, while we were getting ready for the first dive! As soon as we jumped in the water we saw a couple of hammerheads down deep, near the cleaning station on the south end of the dive site. With our divers we waited at that spot, and we were rewarded by a group of 10 sharks coming close to our guests, giving them the opportunity of taking great photos, and even get even some "face to face" action. Silver and white tip sharks came to join the party, and finally our guest of the day, a Tiger Shark made it`s appearance in the action. Water Temp was 77/75 the current was mild/strong and the visibility was around 60 ft.
For our second dive, we had pretty much the same conditions, and we could see different groups of Hammerheads, some on the south east, some in the south west, and a couple over the sandy bottom. By this time of the day we were wondering about our friends, the Mantas, and they showed up at the surface again, near the boast, so our divers were able to jump in and snorkel with it while waiting for our 3rd dive. For the afternoon dives, we had 100 ft visibility and the water temp. was the same, but was almost no current at the site, although, the hammerheads and the tiger shark were still there! One of the groups had the chance to swim in the middle of a 30 + sharks school in the north east side of the area in about 60 ft of water. San Benedicto gave us a great diving day, and tonight we are heading to Socorro Island to have another great diving day. 
Until the next time, good bubbles for everybody
Dive Instructor

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