Saturday, November 2, 2013

We're back! Our Socorro season has officially started!

Greetings Solmar V Fans!
Well, this is our first trip of our Socorro season and we had a bit of weather forecasted for the week. The Solmar V headed into the Sea of Cortez and hoping for some great diving. Today was our first day and we ran up to Espiritu Santo Island and did some wreck diving. Our first dive was a nice wreck of more than 100 ft long ex-mexican-military ship. The water temp. was warm at 82 degrees F (27 C) and 40ft (13m) vis. This being our check out dive we took it slow and observed a ton of the sponge growth. Surrounding the wreck were tons of garden eels. Most of us enjoyed doing a few of the swim-thrus and getting in the water for the first time
in a long while. Our Second wreck was the Fang Ming, a large Ferry boat. This wreck had more schools of fish and growth. The highlight, however, were the five turtles that continually swam around the wreck. The turtles were unafraid of divers and were chasing each other around. It was great! Although we were in the Sea Of Cortez, we`re making the best of it and looking forward to more great diving.
Until Next Time,
Dave Valencia

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