Friday, June 28, 2013

We had a very quiet morning for diving with no wind and a beautiful flat ocean. So our first descent to the dive area was on a rope to make it even easier although there was zero current. A second thing we loved here is an 81°f (26°C) water temp in a more than 80’ vis.  We swam along the reef towards the cleaning station with the mantas, and it was very active with all type of fish the whole way! While moving along the reef we had the chance to encounter octos, peacock flounders, tiger snakes, green morays! While waiting for mantas we decided to kick out into the blue where we found yellow fin tunas, juvenile Galapagos, and Hammer heads up in shallow water like 20’.  When we made it back to the reef we found a black manta with about a 12’ wing span!  It was already there in no more than 30’ of water  being cleaned clarion fish. After some time we decide to swim along the wall at only 20’ of water taking our time and just relaxing! Then a second manta shows up, then more yellow fin tunas, then more hammer heads, then another manta! A fourth manta was there also but not too close, it was a beautiful and easy dive! We finished the dive hovering over the cleaning station, simply watching the interaction of all the creatures of the underwater world, it was amazing.
Dive Inst
Daniel Zapata

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