Thursday, February 28, 2013

Roca Partida, another incredible day with mama and her calf!

Hi all!
Roca Partida, a mix of emotions today!
Our day started great snorkeling with mama humpback and female calf, the pair that has been hanging around Roca the last few trips. We witnessed a beautiful behavior from a male humpback gently bumping on female’s chin in an act of courting while the calf just hovers next to them! 
While enjoying a water temp of 75°f(24°C), a vis of over 100’ our dive started place on the south point of Roca. A little bit of current made this dive even more interesting, because with current came galapagos, silver tip, white tip and some hammer heads just swimming back and forth behind a school of jacks! The current slowly drifted us to the northern point of the rock where we spotted a black manta! 
We had the chance to SCUBA DIVE with mama, calf and her escort but just for a brief period of time on our second dive! It's impossible to explain the feelings you experience these gentle giants up close, we have no words to accurately describe this relationship between  mama protects calf without saying a word, no vocalizations between them, just hovering watching over her calf.
A third dive today was amazing! From south to north point back and forward on the east side had big numbers of Galapagos and hammer heads! A mean schooling!! We could feel a male humpback was close by because of his very loud and unique vocalization.  They hit your chest  you can actually feel the vibration, it was a symphony of sounds that we were pleased to hear! 
On our safety stop we were happy to be accompanied by mama and female calf, but with no escort this time! The frame of tenderness created by mama and calf turned into tears from a few of our guests to have such a unique opportunity and to have this breath taking experience. 
Dive Instructor
Daniel Zapata.

Friday, February 22, 2013

An amazing 3rd day here at Roca Partida, an experience nothing can beat!

Hi all!
We continue to have amazing dive experiences here at Roca Partida that are simply unforgettable! We had the good fortune of being able to listen to the humpback whale song on every dive! Above the water they were breaching, playing, doing all sort of things we think trying to impress females, but back to underwater we had all day long this nice and mild current from south that brought to us many joyful things. On the south point we found a big number of hammerheads although they were a bit deep, but the water was so clear while our eyes were watching hammer heads our ears were listening unique whales songs!! 
Other dives took place just in one area enjoying the company of a world of fish at depth with Galapagos sharks and silver tips. 
On another dive we literally dropped in just above a beautiful chevron manta, that we drifted with all the way to the northern point of the rock. 
During our surface intervals our phenomenal panga drivers Pancho and Geronimo took us whale watching put us at the perfect spot to snorkel with mama humpback and her calf for extended periods of time. For those that came aboard dreaming to see a humpback in the water, we made the dream a reality with three incredible days at Roca with mama and her calf! Just watching her at 55' still, barely moving pectoral fins, with her calf resting underneath her chin! At a safe distance we were able to clearly make eye contact with her! We know they have a good vision and excellent hearing! After surfacing they came back to where we were! Always the same depth around 50'! A diver guest admitted she was incredibly moved by this tender picture of mama and calf, an experience nothing can beat!
Dive Inst
Daniel Zapata

Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Whale of second day at Roca Partida!

What a great day!

We woke up at 7:00 am, had breakfast, suited up and jumped in the water with this friendly momma humpback and calf that have been hanging out at Roca Partida for the last 3 weeks.  The morning sun rays made the light exposure perfect for taking pictures and video, and after a brief encounter with the whales, we moved to Roca to do our first dive of the day. We were lucky because we quickly found about 100 hammerheads that glided the base of the pinnacle. 
On the second dive when we headed to the south point of the rock, we saw the whales that hung out around there waiting for us. We got ready as fast as we could and got in the water to a surprise! There were no longer 2 whales, this time there were 3! A male was performing the escort with the momma and the baby 2 months old whale. Besides this brief encounter with
the whales, we saw again the school of hammerheads, but this time they were closer to the rock.
At 4 pm we were already getting in the water and the escort, momma and calf awaited at 50’/15 m, they were motionless, literally hovering at this depth, which made it pretty accessible to get close ups to this whales. It was honestly tremendous, almost unbelievable! All the passengers decided to do one more day here, at Roca Partida!
Stay tuned for more Roca news!

See you later.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What a day at Roca Partida!

What a day at Roca Partida!! If the last trip I said that coundn`t be better, let me tell you I was wrong. Nature surprised us one more time with Mama humpback whale and baby that were more confident than last week. The baby didn`t want to stop playing with us at the surface while mama looked on from 40ft/12m and would come up now and then for a breath and head back down again so we could keep enjoying the company of her calf. If we didn`t need to get back aboard Solmar V to fill up our tanks or eat we would have spent all day in the water with these magnificent creatures. The rest same as usual, schooling hammerhead, one manta, some silvertips and
galapagos shark, lots of white tips sharks and tons of fish!

Claudio Divemaster: I love mi vida loca!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The word of the day is magical!

Hi all! 
Cabo Pearce at Isla Socorro seems to be the place to dive again! So we have our on board Marine Biologist Eric, Claudio Dive Inst and myself Daniel guiding 3 groups and having A WHALE OF FUN diving! 
As we descended on the rope for the first dive we noticed a vis of 80’ and a water temp of 75°F, nice to say there was no current which made the dive easy to many! So the cleaning station was very busy once again, we were eye witness of 2 mantas a black one and a chevron being serviced by 15 to 20 clarion angelfish! The mantas swim so slow and stop right in front of you and right above you because they enjoy the bubbles on their belly, and not even in deep water! We spebt 50 minutes diving with these gentle critters at only 30'! Eventually we had to end our dive because we were getting low on air! This was a great way to start the day and we could hear in the backgroun whale’s song, our underwater soundtrack for throughout humpback season! It was MAGICAL!!!
On our second dive we explored along the reef a bit more, all the way to the end and back, spying a hammer head here and there, white tip sharks, the mantas again, maybe it sounds familiar! But I am blowing out your mind now saying we had the encounter with 3 humpbacks whales at the depth of 50’ one came back 3 minutes later to stop swimming for a second right in front of us!!! IT’S MAGICAL NOW ISN’T IT!!!!
A third dive went easy swimming on the reef, I have to say thanks nitrox for letting stay longer!  As we go lobsters, scorpion fish, moray eels, octopus, lots of reef fish! But then is time to turn around and head back for a nice safety stop,  a nice advice to you is always look below, up,
left and right because we got lucky again! 3 humpbacks again but now they were flying over our heads chasing each other! That is a Whale of power! We feel bad for the fish behind its flukes! So we got out the water with a breathtaking mix of marine life, but we're not done yet! We spotted false killer whales! Let’s go! We got to see them snorkeling although didn’t want hang out for too long! But it was FUN!!!
Roca Partida Mañana siiiiiiiii!!!
Dive Inst Daniel Zapata

Monday, February 18, 2013

What a way to start our 11th trip, with a super friendly manta!

Hi Folks!

We started our latest Socorro adventure with a very friendly manta on our checkout dive!
We arrived at San Benedicto Island at about 4:30 pm, so we had only enough time to dive in the north point of the island. The visibility was about 70' and a water temperature of 75 F/23 C which mean the conditions were good. We checked out the crevices where normally the white tip reef sharks relax on top of each other, also, next to the white tips there was a HUGE green
turtle that slept in the crevice, I said "huge" because it was really big! (Like 3ft of diameter!)
Anyway, we went over the shallow reefs of this dive site just to check what else we could find and there were few other turtles just chilling around. And then, this friendly female chevron manta made her apperance, wow! She stayed, hanging out and paying with everyone's bubbles that were ending at the surface, we run out of air and she was still there wanted to play,
sorry my friend but we got to go! It´s getting dark and we don´t have enough air to stay with you, we´re sorry! That is what we all thought before we got out of the water 
Tonight, we´ll head for Socorro after the Taquisa. Stay tuned for more Solmar V adventures in Revillagigedo´s Islands! What a way to start our 11th Socorro´s trip, with a super friendly Manta!
Erick Higuera

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Two unforgettable days at Roca Partida.

Two unforgettable days at Roca Partida. 
This morning began with a momma and baby humpback whale breaching off the bow. We watched on as the baby seemed to enjoy practicing his breaches. They seemed to be frequenting the South side of the rock so we hoped they might visit us with a swim-by. Instead we were witness to thousands of creole fish and red-tailed triggerfish filling the water column. There were sharks everywhere. Countless galapagos, silkies, silvertips, and of course whitetips made their way through the mass of fish. There were of course yellowfin tuna in abundance on the outside of the bait constantly zipping by. At depth we found a huge mixed school of galapagos, silvertips, and hammerheads. It was difficult to count, but in the neighborhood of 75. They schooled around my group a few times and slowly followed along the rock. As the sharks moved around us a Giant Pacific manta made a surprise visit. For the remainder of the dive we just hovered and enjoyed all the abundance of life swimming before s. 
Between dives we had, again, the opportunity to jump in with the momma and baby humpback whales. The baby was playing while momma layed motionless at 30-40 ft. She watched just in case things got out of hand and after 10 or 15 minutes she decided they would move and relax elsewhere. We followed along on the pangas and jumped in swimming with them twice. The baby made very close passes with everyone and then would dive back down to momma, taking shelter underneath her enormous pectoral fin. Then the baby would peek out and come back up for another play and do it all over again. Of course this left all our guests blown away from the incredible interaction we just had and it goes without saying everyone wore a smile today.
The second and third dives were just as good as the first with lots of sharks moving through the bait fish. We found schools of hammerheads on every dive and often times found them mixing with other sharks. On the last dive we had spotted yet another manta. This is rare for us to see
mantas at Roca Partida. We always have sightings in large numbers at San Benedicto and Socorro, but mantas in Roca have been rare. Not long after the manta swam by on our safety stop we caught a glimpse of the humpback momma and baby swimming by. It was very lucky and it was only for a few seconds but it was an invitation. So we put our dive gear away and came back out in the pangas one more time and swam with momma and baby. They allowed us to get very close and I have to say mommma was very tolerant. But we watched as the baby clumsily swam around us and then swam back to momma again and again. This is how we ended our time at Roca Partida. As the sun rays peaked through the clouds this evening we waved good-bye to Roca Partida and we take away some of the most amazing experiences of our lives. What an incredible two days! 
We start our day tomorrow at San Benedicto looking forward to experiencing more of this special place.
Until Next Time,
Dave Valencia

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Roca was like a dream!

I don´t even know where to start, what a day!!! Roca Partida is hot, we found easily 200 silkies sharks, lots of silvertips, hammerheads and big galapagos along with tunas, tunas and more tunas! One came so close to me that I could have kiss it. On our later dive we saw two mantas, one chevron and one black along with more and more tunas. So far sounds like a great day of diving but it gets better!! In addition to all of this incredible scuba action, we had a mama humpback whale and her baby playing with us all day long, and as I'm writing this some of our guests are still snorkeling with them! They also came to say hello during our dives too it was like a dream!! 
Claudio Divemaster

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cabo Pearce was the place today!

Hi all! Cabo Pearce was the place today!
A nice current from north kept us on the shallower part of the cleaning station using our reef hooks, just hovering there waiting for everything to come to us. We had several mantas hang out with us each for a few minutes, although not all at once. Wild dolphins stopped by for a couple of minutes before rushing off, it seemed like if they were in a rush to get to somewhere! Between breaths were able to hear whales singing, and we were hoping to see them underwater because we spotted them from the boat not too far from the dive area.
For dive #2 we decided to do a zodiac dive. On the way to the second dive we saw a humpback calf resting on the surface, so we took a quick turn and headed in his direction. We approached very slowly as to not startle the baby whale, 6 of our divers got in the water very slowly with cameras and snorkels without making any noise! What they saw was a mother humpback whale with her calf resting just below her fins!!! After this amazing encounter, we decided to put our scuba gear back on and spend more time underwater! At 50`of water and swimming along the wall got to see a school of yellow fin tunas, a hammer head also! We had no current at all on this dive so we all hung around the cleaning station again where we had this chevron manta kept coming back for more bubbles! The vis on this dive was less than the previous one which kept us shallower over the cleaning station area for the whole dive, where we got to know every little fish living here and a black manta! The water temp always from 79° to 77°
Dive Inst 
Daniel Zapata

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

This trip began with an excellent dive at Isla San Benedicto

Greetings from the Solmar V,
We have a very excited group of divers from the China and the U.S. this week. All of them are new to the Revillagigedos so we`re hoping for the best! This trip began with an excellent dive at Isla San Benedicto. After spotting a few whales here and there we jumped in at El Fondeadero and found excellent visibility. There were many white tip reef sharks cruising the reef and countless eels and scorpionfish. The fish life was abundant with Barberfish, Jacks, and Angelfish just to name a few. There was a lot of action on the reef, but none of our winged friends showed up. So something more to look forward to tomorrow as we`re heading to Socorro tomorrow.
Until Next Time,
Dave Valencia

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hammerheads, mantas and humpbacks on our last day at San Benedicto

Hi all! 
We are heading back to Cabo San Lucas, after another great trip! Our last diving day of the trip at San Benedicto Island started early in the morning with 2 dives at el cañon, where we enjoyed
the visit of hammerheads and SIlver Tip sharks during both dives, plus a Chevron manta. We had the same action on the second dive! The water temperature was 78 and visibility was 80'+  The last 2 dives of the day were performed at El Boiler where we spotted school of hammerheads, several friendly Mantas and a group of three whales close to the Solmar V! Their singing accompanied our dive and it was an amazing soundtrack to our last dive of the day.Water Temp at el boiler was 78F and with 80'+ visibility.
Stay tuned for the next trip! 
Ricardo Tamaño
Dive Instructor

Friday, February 1, 2013

We had a fantastic day at Socorro Island!

Hi all! 
Cabo Pearce was the Dive Site to explore today! We had a fantastic day at Socorro Island! During a 40 minute dive we had the opportunity of seeing the first hammerhead of the day in shallower water we went a bit deeper and found about 7 more!   Over the cleaning station we found 4 mantas that were getting cleaned by clarion angel fish!  The mantas were swimming right over our heads, they love our bubbles!  It was quality manta time!The reef was as beautiful as ever, covered in a colorful variety of reef fish! During the same dive 8 dolphins found us! The playful dolphins swam circles around us, and followed us for a good period of time!  Our divers loved it when the dolphins pause from swimming vertically in front of us, pause, then slowly free fall into the depth!  They are so much fun!
On our second dive the water was so blue that from 40' we were able to see the sandy bottom 140' below! We could see giant electric rays and diamond head rays and into the blue we spotted 15 hammerheads heading our way!  The mixture of large adult hammerheads mixed with a few juveniles swam right under our fins!  They made two passes before disappearing into the blue! We ascended to a shallower depth where we met 5 white tip reef sharks on our way to the cleaning station.  There were 7 mantas and 1 mobula waiting for us at the cleaning station!
The next two dives the mantas were still there, giving everyone a chance to get the perfect manta photo! We ended our day with 8 mantas that couldn't stay long, and listening to the most beautiful whale song for 20 minutes!  During our surface interval we spotted from the bow of the the whales less than 100' from our boat being escorted by dolphins!  Surface water temp was 79F with 100'+ visibility!  It was a great day at Socorro island, next stop, el canyon!

Dive instructor 
Daniel Zapata