Saturday, November 1, 2014

Welcome back to Revillagigedo’s Islands, game on!

Hi folks,
Second day at Roca Partida and the weather conditions are still good, a bit of north wind but not too bad. The water temperature still remains in the 80F-82F/26C-27C which is pretty warm and very comfortable for diving!
On our first dive of the day, as soon as we descended along the wall, a pod of 10 dolphins awaited us, this time they just wanted to hang out for brief moment, I guess they were working a huge school of Bonitos that later in the day drifted by the north point of Roca, it was a huge shoal of fish escorted by couple of Silky Sharks. At the end of the dive while we swam towards the safety stop, we could see way down deep a 40 feet pregnant Whale Shark that cruised by! We couldn’t catch up with her, it was kind of late in the dive when she showed up.  
On the second dive the Whale Shark kept staying deep, to give you and idea, we were pushing the depth limit of 130’/40 m and she still looked at least 20’/6m down below, and because of the thermocline that is keeping all the sharks into it, we could not see her close enough, what a big momma!
We still had the hope that in our last dive at Roca we could still see a pregnant Whale Shark one more last time and a bit shallower, when we broke the surface, the dive masters spotted the huge shark that cruised at only 100´-30m this time, she gave a close passed by all the divers and when disappeared into the blue a second bigger whale shark swam by too! This one was the same female that has been hanging out beyond to 140’/42 m.
Well, even though the whale sharks kept deep and the sharks were under the deep thermocline, we could still observe them all from above and enjoy these two first days at Roca Partida after 4 months of absence.  Welcome back to Revillagigedo’s Islands, game on! Tonight we’re heading to Socorro Island, planning to start diving in the morning in Cabo Pearce, hopefully we’ll see lots of Mantas getting clean and also playful dolphins. Let’s see how Cabo Pearce welcomes us.
Stay tuned!
Hasta la próxima!
Erick Higuera

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