Thursday, March 12, 2015

An unforgettable experience at Cabo Pearce!

Today was a great day of diving at The Socorro Island! The divesite Cabo Pearce allowed us a very nice encounter with the Pacific Giant Manta (Manta Birostris)! On the first dive the current was strong to moderate from North to South. We went down the descent line and we began in the shallow of the lava flow, which start in the shore and goes deeper, before going down to the 90 Ft. / 27 m where the current was mild. After exploring the deeper area we progressed to shallower water until we got the 50 Ft /15 m. We followed the wall and we've been looking for the Clarion Angel Fish at the cleaning stations. These fish are always waiting for the Mantas to come to clean them and sometimes they like to clean divers as well! That actually happened today, adding extra fun for our divers.We've been going from south to North and after a couple of minutes exploring the area, the first chevron manta Chevron was coming from North to South swimming to us. It passed very close to us, but was a little bit shy and did not stay for long. Slowly we returned to our original heading to find another Manta Chevron circling around the descent line until we completed the safety stop. This was a good start but we hoped to see more on our next dives.  The water temperature was very nice 77 Fº/ 25 º c  and the visibility was 80 Ft /24 m, very comfortable for a long day of diving!  At the surface the weather was a very nice 78 Fº /26 º C, it was a sunny day, perfect to hang out at the sun deck watching the humpback whales in between dives.  On the second dive we had more Mantas in the shallow water from 50 ft. /15 m to the surface.  They were close to the little pinnacle near the shore, the chevron manta was there at our right and from the left the bottle nose dolphins came very close to us!  The Dolphins were very very close looking at us, playing with our bubbles, and one mom was swimming with a baby dolphin beside her!  More Mantas arrived, and they were very nice to see! Swimming up and down, going to the surface and turning around the cleaning stations which made Cabo Pearce one of the better dive sites in the world! And one of the favorite sites at the Revillagigedo Archipelago!  If the second dive was better than the first morning dive, what can I say about the 3rd one? It was incredibly to watch mantas all around! It was the perfect time for all our divers to have a close encounter with this magnificent animal! We can say that during the day we had 6 to 7 mantas at Cabo Pearce but most of them joined us this dive, giving to all of us a superlative view of what nature means!  The mantas were very kind to divers and they liked to go to the blue and return to play with the divers! It was euphoric taking pictures and videos and blowing bubbles on the bellies of the mantas. Once aboard the Solmar V, everybody was happy!! And on top of this more humpbacks whales came very close to the boat! A mom with a baby, splashing the surface with the dorsal fin, and showing their tales!  After lunch, we got ready to go diving again, but with a little bit more current this time, we went across the current to the different cleaning stations. When we reach a new cleaning station it was perfect to rest a little bit while waiting for the mantas to come.  While waiting for the mantas to show, we focused on the small stuff, like tropical fishes, lots of barber fish, Moorish idols, Pacific trigger fish, parrot fish, trumpet fish, white tip sharks, and flounders.  We explore some more into the blue to try our luck. Once in the blue and on the way to our safety stop; we found another chevron manta, and 3 hammerhead sharks showed up into the blue to remind us that diving at Cabo Pearce always is an unforgettable experience!
                                                                                               Ignacio H. Leyro
                                                                                                Scuba Instructor

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