Monday, March 9, 2015

Diamond stingrays, electric rays, white tip reef sharks, and lots of reef fish at Las Cuevas!

We’re back in business!
Today was the first day of this now Solmar V adventure, we checked out dive at Las Cuevas in San Benedicto. 4:30 pm and we were all set ready to start this new adventure!
Dive gear ready checked, dive computer checked, dive buddy checked, buoyancy checked, cameras ready, so action!
We encountered at Las Cuevas 50’/15m of visibility and a water temperature of 25C/77F.
In the first cave we found several White Tip Reef Sharks that rest peaceful on the bottom, and lots of Glass Eyes, Soldier Fishes and also Surgeon Fishes adorned the cave as well, of course the roof of the cave was covered of dozens of Spiny Lobsters walked all around the roof.
We moved to the second cave and along the way we found dozens of Diamond Stingrays that chased each other, it was an unusual event, and therefore we don’t normally see them at this dive site. I guess they were trying to mate, saying so because the chase of each other.
On they way back to the anchor line, we spotted few Electric Rays that hid buried in the sand.  This is how our checked dive got up to its end. While we had our awesome opening trip barbeque at the anchorage side of the island, several Humpback Whales were spotted surfacing near by the boat and others were breaching like if they were all happy to having us back in their home.

Our plans for tomorrow are to start diving at 7:00am at El Boiler, considering that the last trip ended on a good note at El Boiler with dozens of friendly dolphins and mantas, so we don’t want lose time and start having fun right away!

Thanks for tuning in. Stand by for tomorrows news!

Hasta la vista my friends!

Erick Higuera

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