Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Playful dolphins and lots of shark action at Roca partida!

A windy morning, partly clouded, lots of energies on the air, choppy surface but the underwater world was so serene! Black jacks were welcoming us as we started descending, lots of white tip sharks on the ledges moving their tails left and right in slow motion due to surge, it's always fun to see them! At times heads out to sea other times tail sticking out, saving energies, they have a nice brotherhood, they don’t mind being on top or under, the windy morning brought lots of dolphins into the area! From the surface we are still enjoying  whale season, as early as 6:00 am we had one blowing so hard for fresh air just off the Solmar V, the singing was very loud underwater, today we had two different singers audibly entertaining us today! This morning the whales singing and dolphins chirping made us wait on the East side of the rock, we can tell they were so close and it was only a matter of time... Fish surrounded us their formation shattered by the fast pass by of a yellow fin tuna, silky sharks made their appearance several times, they seemed curious about divers. One or two silver tip sharks as well were in the area, a bit deeper and shy to come closer to us.  Dolphins were still teasing us, we know will be a lot easier to see a dolphins than a whale so we all don’t want to leave this area, underwater conditions were mild current, from South, water temp 25˚C/77˚F, Vis of 18 to 27m/60 to 90ft. We drifted slowly north and came back south, finally no more teasing us! Dolphins made their appearance in a big group, at least 25 of them breaking into smaller groups, since we are 3 groups of divers we had dolphins for all, swimming slow giving us the time to take lots of pictures! The usual position they adopt was there, belly up, slow free fall, blowing some bubbles inviting us to go deeper, while other dolphins were crazy swimming fast encircling divers, they came back several times to play more, a mother and baby were together the entire time showing to the little one hunting techniques. So curious they are, the interaction we had was great, they were swimming so close that they almost let us touch them but the perception of distance they have is magnificent, our safety stop happened drifting slowly accompanied by silky sharks.
The surface interval was still windy but not for whales, they continued doing all sort of thing trying to impress females in the area, lob tail slapping, half jumps, hanging upside down belly almost out of the water hitting the surface of the water with both pectoral fins at the same time. 

Our second dive the current decided to change direction, from East to west which made us also change our plans underwater, we went all around the rock, checking out every single shark station, another group decided as well to go find hammer heads, not so lucky until the end of dive, when we found than 50 sharks.
The third dive the decision was made… go find hammer heads and come back to swim more around the rock, and so it was just like that, the first time they showed up was at 30m/100ft, second time a few minutes later in deeper water 36/120ft aprox, more than 50 hammer heads swimming circles in the same spot, so we were just above then, unfortunately they went deeper.
Dive Inst
Daniel Zapata

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