Friday, March 13, 2015

Tiger shark, humpbacks, friendly mantas, dolphins, and more on our final day at San Benedicto!

We are back at San Benedicto for our last day of diving! 
At the surface we had a very clear sky, not a single cloud around, the pale orange color or a sunrise at 6:35 am denotes a perfect round sun!
So definitely the surface conditions at El Cañon were so good, there was zero current, zero wind, a nice flat ocean surface, with a water temp of 24.4˚C/76˚F, vis from 12 to 18m/40 to 60 ft during the first dive! In the 60 minute dive, among other things we had the opportunity to perfectly see a 1.8m/5.9ft long tiger shark! (GREAT SHOT FOR SOLMAR V PHOTO CONTEST) Not so shy swimming along, although it didn't stay for long, for a short time it came close enough to almost count all the stripes! Out of the water it was almost throwing a party for many being the first time in their lives to see one of them, we joined the celebration! More time on the same dive, hammer heads sharks were spread out, the most we counted together were 8, with a few here and there! So it was helpful a no current in order to explore the whole area of El Cañon finding 2 mantas, they stayed for a brief time with us to say Hi, swim around us couple of times before they left.  The safety stop happened at the descent line surrounded by lots of Pacifc creolefish, big eye jacks, trigger fish, juvenile black jacks, and more!
The surface interval came along with lots of dolphins in the dive area in addition to the humpbacks!
We couldn’t wait to go in the water for a second dive, so we went ahead of the dive schedule and jumped into the water once again! We were all excited for dolphins, dolphins, dolphins! A really mild current from East brought a layer of green water preventing us from seeing more than a hammerhead here and there, in the end no dolphins, but that's understandable! Mother Nature can bring lots of good things but other times not so much, it was time to go to other dive site!
El Boiler for our third and forth dives! Amazing visibility, over 30m/100ft, from the surface we were able to see the ocean floor! We spent 60 minutes on each dive with 3 to 6 mantas the entire time, chevrons, black ones, males, females, they were all so playful! The West side of the rock was adorned with lots of big eye jacks in shallow water, at times swimming off the wall hanging out there swimming in circles, we actually got in the middle, they didn’t mind so we are surrounded by a wall of fish, white tip sharks also active swimming over the green and brown color of the hard coral.  At el Boiler there is a very healthy reef, the lobster were not shy either, but as we feel sun angle changing toward the sunset trevally jacks are really active hunting swimming over the reef, they look so friendly to every other fish but we witnessed how fast swimmers they are when it comes down to hunting, chasing, non-stop detecting any weak fish, a red tail trigger fish became fast food! We actually saw the jacks swallowing it, the last part of the poor trigger fish we saw was open mouth sticking out of the trevally jack! Beautiful images we have in our mind from this dive ending up on the surface obviously adding to it the blow of two hump backs whales in front of us! A big thanks to "Crazy" Luis Godinez for a great job on keeping an eye on us while diving!
We also did snorkeling just to see if we were lucky with whales near Los Morros by El Boiler area, 3 times we got in the water, 3 times we saw them! There were actually 4 whales including calf, a big thanks to Geronimo for great timing on whales, so the question still remains on! Who were the luckiest on the snorkeling? Was it the guests because they saw whales or Geronimo because he got kisses from all the girls after finding whales!
    Dive Inst
    Daniel Zapata, Solmar V.

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