Monday, March 2, 2015

We had an excellent day at Cabo Pearce at Socorro Island!

Today we had an excellent day in Cabo Pearce at Socorro Island, the water temperature was 75f/24C and the visibility was around 30ft/10m a bit murky but we still had awesome dives.  We got in the water at 7:00am and the dive started a bit slow but we did see lots of clarion angelfish so we were wondering where the mantas were maybe it was just a bit too early for them because at the end of the dive they showed up about five of them getting cleaned and being very playful. As soon as we got out of the water lots of dolphin showed up so we decided to snorkel with them everybody got a close look at them until we were all tired of swimming and ready to go back to the boat to have some breakfast.
On the second dive we found the mantas right away there were five of them around and all of the sudden a pod of eight dolphins passed by this time we saw them underwater and all the divers got to swim with them. After that we headed over to the cleaning station a school of hammerheads was passing by about thirty of them.
On the second and third dive there were only two mantas still they were very playful and there were lots of schools of fish around jacks, creole, triggers and others, but the highlight here were the songs of the humpback whales. They were probably moving around a lot and with the low visibility was hard to find so only two of the divers saw them but all the time we could hear it extremely loud like if they were right next to at some points you could feel your whole body vibrating it was amassing in some moments even a bit scary.
Now we head to San Benedicto again this time to dive El Boiler on our last day of the trip hopping for some good manta action as usual stay tuned!

Thiago Mendeonca
Dive Instructor

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