Saturday, June 20, 2015

Drifting with the current at Roca Partida!

Hola amigos!
Today the diving at Roca was great! We saw once again lots of silvertip and Galapagos sharks that lined up to face the ripping current that was hitting Roca all the day!
We managed the current perfectly, we just had to hang out by the wall and enjoy the sharky parade of 15-20 silvertips with few Galapagos as well. If we couldn’t stay hanging on the wall in one of the dives, it didn’t really matter, because all we did was to drifted along the pinnacle and cruised through the thousands of whitemouth jacks and hundreds of black jacks that covered the whole rock. Once we were drifting away we were also intercepting massive schools of yellowfin tunas that constantly passed by!
The only dive that was a bit different the other two was the first and morning dive. Because of the strong northeastern current the visibility had dropped and cooled down to 74F/23C. Also these unusual and strong current created several “washing machines” at both the north and the south points, so we didn’t have other choice but to spend the entire dive in the west protected side of the rock. It was worth it however, as 5 super friendly dolphins that came out from the murky water surprising to all of us and hanging out for a little bit playing the typical mimic game!
I can say that in senses of amount of fish and sightings of sharks, these last three days we spent here at the best single dive site in the world were the best of the all season!
This is how Roca said goodbye to us! We are leaving tonight and as you know this is the closing season trip and we are planning to come back till the fall!
Hopefully Roca will be eagerly waiting for our return with some epic action in store for November!
We plan to leave tonight and go check out the conditions in Socorro at Cabo Pearce, the best manta cleaning station in the Revillagigedo’s Archipelago! 
Stay tuned for the next Solmar V adventures at the Socorro Islands!
Hasta la próxima!
Erick Higuera

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