Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The first report from the last trip of the season!

What´s up folks!
Here we are with the first dive report from the last trip of the Socorro´s Islands Nov 2014-June 2015 season!
We´re all excited for this last trip of the season! Normally the chances to sight whale sharks in the archipelago are better, specifically at Roca Partida, and once in a while large schools of silky sharks are high in June, besides the mantas, dolphins and the usual marine life that you are familiar with if you have been following us with the dive and video reports!
Arriving at San Benedicto, we could see from several miles away that the water looked green, of course that was a sign that a recent storm had previously hit the islands and I'm talking about the recent hurricane "Blanca" that passed by these islands 10 days ago. When strong winds blow over the Sea for long periods of time, the surface water is removed by the wind and deep and cold water comes up to replace the surface water. This deep and cold water is full of nutrients that serve as food for microalgae.
When the water turns green is normally because there massive blooms of these tiny little plankton form of different species of microalgae, making the water looks like a soup of green beans. At the end is not at bad thing, actually it is a good thing, because that is an important reason why the waters are full of marine life in the Archipelago of Revillagigedo.
On our first dive of the the trip which it was a check out dive, as soon as we got in the water we immediately realized the visibility was going to be low, basically it was about 10´/3m of visibility and the water temperature dropped 5 degrees since the last time, this time was 74-75F/23-24C.
So, we had a very unusual and limited visibility, therefore we took the decision to go to Roca Partida right away since the weather is looking good right now. We´re hoping to find clearer water out at Roca and hoping also that the waters around San Benedicto will clear out within the next days so we can go back and had some mantastic action with the resident gentles!
Stay tuned for the next SolmarV updates!
Nos vemos luego,
Erick Higuera 

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