Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sharky waters at Roca Partida!

Our second day of this trip was way better than the first one! We made a good decision by leaving the green water of San Benedicto and coming to Roca Partida, because here the conditions were great! The temperature was 74F/23C with 80ft/24m visibility in very sharky water!
We were a bit sad that we were not going to dive San Benedicto today, because that is where we usually see the mantas, but this was not a problem because on the first dive at Roca as soon as we got in the water there were two of them!
Throughout the day there were also the usual residents white tips, jacks, triggers and wahoos, but the season the amount of sharks was extraordinary!  Lots of big silvertip sharks swimming around and hunting, some very big Galapagos sharks, and some silky sharks close to the surface, but the highlight of the day for sure was the hammerheads! There were a couple of different schools formed by 20 to 30 of them really close to the rock in shallow water and with silvertip sharks in the middle of the schools, definitely the most amount of sharks we have seen in one day in the whole season!  We also saw a couple of small schools of bonitas being chased by silkys and lots of tunas hunting
We are planning on a couple more days of diving here at Roca Partida since the conditions are good and we have such sharky waters! So keep tuned to see what comes next!
Thiago Mendonca

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