Sunday, June 21, 2015

Friendly mantas and dolphins at Socorro Island!

Today we dove at Cabo Pearce in Socorro Island, we were afraid the conditions were going to be like San Benedicto but this was not the case!  The water temperature was 74F/23C and the visibility changed a lot throughout the day.
The first two dives we got some clear water in some parts of the site up to 60ft/20m visibility and in other areas a bit less. There was a very strong current so both dives in the morning were just holding on to the reef for most part and then drifting into the blue, while we were hanging on to the reef two hammerheads were going around on top of us and just out of the reef some silvertip sharks hovering on the current. A small pod of dolphins passed by but it was hard to catch up with them in the current, at the end on the drift some mantas passed by to check us out. After the second dive we could still see the dolphins on the surface so we got closer with the panga and did some snorkeling with them.
For the third and fourth dive of the day the visibility dropped a to about 20ft/6m and green water came in witch was not so good but on the good side the current stopped and about eight extremely friendly mantas showed up and everybody got some manta action! They were getting cleaned on the cleaning station and also enjoyed playing in our bubbles. Tomorrow is our last day of diving of this trip and also the last day of diving of the Socorro season, we heard news that San Benedicto still has sub par conditions so we are planning to finish here at Socorro hopefully with many mantas again!
Thiago Mendonca

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