Sunday, January 19, 2014

El Boiler was hot with mantas with as many as 8 in one frame!!

We spent the whole day at EL BOILER doing 4 amazing dives! We started our day of diving with a colorful sunrise, and our guests started to hit the water at 7 am on the dot.  It is difficult to describe every dive in details but believe me when I say we had mantas all day from beginning to end.  The first dive we saw 2 giant mantas a little away from divers, in addition to white tip sharks, lobsters, flounders, Jacks, scorpion fish, octopus, etc. All the little critters were there!
The second Dive we did not have time to look at the rock itself since we had at first only 3 mantas but then a few minutes after they kept coming and coming until the point we counted 8 of them in the same frame, chevron and black ones, males and females! So we had mantas all over us! Every place you looked around you had a manta coming at you! No swimming was necessary, if you just stayed still, and blow your bubbles before you knew it you had a manta cruising over your head! The whole day the north east side of the dive site was the spot to be.  During this dive we counted a total of 12 different ones among ones we know from before! It was absolutely crazy! 
Third dive we had (only) 7 Mantas! Swimming underneath them blowing bubbles was a breathtaking experience even for our seasoned travelers that had not had this kind of interaction with friendly giant mantas at least not until today!
Fourth Dive only 5 Mantas! Doing all sort of thing with our divers, and they formed a Manta Train of 4 to 5 mantas chasing each other gracefully swimming!
The conditions could not be better today! Vis was nearly 70' with water temp in the high 70's and no current.
Dive Inst
Daniel Zapata.

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