Thursday, January 23, 2014

Mantas, dolphins, and more on our last day of this trip!

    January 13th
Our last day of the trip started nice and early with a little bit of wind for our pre-breakfast dive. A pod of dolphins was swimming near the Solmar V, trying to hurry us to get ready and get in the water. The visibility was clearly affected by the big swell around San Benedicto and as we went down the stern line it was looking quite foggy. This factor resulted in just one of the groups seeing the dolphins as the other two enjoyed playing at the other side of the pinnacle with a couple of very friendly mantas. After breakfast the wind had increased considerably and we had to set the stern line loose and continue diving off the pangas instead for the well-being of everyone. For this second dive, people continued exploring the area with the company of a school of small tuna, and some nice schools of jacks. Two of the groups wanted to explore further out and headed North West for a deeper itinerary where they came across some hammerheads at about 30m deep.  On the last dive everybody wanted to take it nice and easy so most of the time was devoted to group photos with manta background and a couple of hammerhead sharks came out of the blue to check out what was going on. On the way back the pangas had the cold beer nice and ready to celebrate the end of these fantastic days of incredible encounters with all their favorite wild animals here in the Pacific Ocean.
DM on board Solmar V

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