Friday, January 17, 2014

Our first checkout dive of 2014!

Dive report Jan 6th,  2014
We arrived at San Benedicto earlier than expected thanks to a tail wind we had along the way. This meant that we had more than enough time to do a check in dive at the El Canyon! Everyone one on the boat was eager to get into the water.  The conditions were good, the water was a little bit choppy because we had some wind but once we hit the water there was no current at all. The water was 79F with over 50' visibility.  As we made our way along the Canyon we were greeted by two sliver tip sharks which seemed to hang around us most of the dive along with a few white tip reef sharks. As we made on the way back to the boat to do our safety stop a giant manta passed right in front of our divers, everyone was very excited to see this friendly manta and was a perfect way to start the trip!I have a feeling that we will be seeing a lot more mantas in the days to come.

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