Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Wishing everyone good health, great diving, and the best of the best for 2014!

Sometimes Nature just shows us a little of its beauty. Today we spent our dive day at Socorro Island.  We did our morning dives at Cabo Pearce, and on the first dive one the dive groups saw 3 mantas that just cruised on by, while the other two groups decided to go up to the end of the underwater ridge in the quest of that big school oh hammerhead sharks that we've been finding lately! We didn't find as many hammerheads as we were hoping for, but we did run into 5 hammerheads that appeared out of the blue and then disappeared just as quickly.  On the second dive the visibility dropped a bit, but that didn't stop us from finding a manta over the cleaning station! After checking in with the Mexican Navy, we moved to Punta Tosca where we finished our dive day with more hammerheads!
Tonight, we had our delicious dinner of end of year cooked by our awesome chef Tony. Everybody enjoyed the party and we all wished our best wishes to everyone. One of those wishes was to start the new year 2014 with amazing dives!  Right now we're heading to San Benedicto to look for more manta madness and encounters with dolphins, hammerheads and baitballs!  Stay tuned for more adventures of the new year on the Solmar V! As we look back upon the past year of diving, we are grateful for the phenomenal experiences we have been able to provide our guests and we're looking forward and excited about the diving to come! We rang in the new year wishing everyone good health, great diving, and the best of the best for 2014! 
Happy New Year everyone!
Erick Higuera

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