Wednesday, January 22, 2014

We started our final day at Roca with breaching humpbacks!

Dive Report Jan 12th,  2014
This was our final day at Roca Partida so everyone was hoping it would be a good one. The morning started off with some whales breaching close to the boat during the dive briefing. The swell had picked up over the night which made it a little more difficult getting in and out of the inflatables, but it was still very manageable. The water temperature was in the high 70's for all the dives during the day and the visibility on the surface was over 60', both temperature and visibility dropped a little down at depth. All the dives had current and because of the current, there was a lot to see. The first dive there was big yellow fin tunas chasing small bait fish with the sliver tips, silky’s and Galapagos sharks patrolling not far behind them. Hammerheads were seen but stayed pretty deep at 35 meters plus. For the second dive everyone seemed keen on trying to find hammerheads so most divers went out to the blue looking and were lucky enough to see a good school that came a little shallower at about 25 meters which gave everyone a chance to see them a little closer and take a few photos. The third dive was a nice relaxing one with most divers staying around the rock and enjoying the sharks and schools of fish that were there everyone seemed to have good last day at Roca Patida!
DM onboard the Solmar V    

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