Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sharks down deep and yellow fin tunas on our first day at Roca!

On our first day at Roca Partida, the water conditions were calm with 77°F/25°C and a bit colder below the thermocline below 60’/18 m of 75°F/24°C and a 70’/20 m visibility.  This time the sharks were hanging out below our reach, they were too deep probably around 170’/50 m, we pushed the limit of our maximum recreational depth and the sharks were still deep. We assume there must be another thermocline at that depth that is keeping the sharks deep; anyway we could still watch them from a distance. Most of the White tip Reef Sharks were swimming all around the rock, giving us the chance to take great video and pics.
Even though the sharks were too deep in the first 2 dives, by our third dive the conditions changed a bit and as always the Hammerheads showed up gathering together with Black Jacks at only 80´/25m.  Yellow Fin Tunas were cruising by the surface close to the rock, hopefully for the next trips, more tunas will start coming by the rock. The weather conditions are still good, so we’re staying another day at Roca Partida.
Stay tuned!
Hasta la vista!
Erick Higuera

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