Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Las Cuevas was the site for our checkout dive on this extended 14 day trip!

New trip, new friends!...this trip we have a group of germans and swiss excited to dive Socorro islands on a extended 14 day trip.
Yesterday we left Cabo on a sunny and pretty hot day for this time of the year, after leaving port we had big swell and wind, but only a couple of hours after the sea got really smooth and this morning we woke up to see a very flat sea, that helped us to get sooner than expected to San Benedicto island and at 3:10pm we were already going into the water for our check out dive!
The site we picked was “Las Cuevas”, conditions were perfect for a check out dive, a very very light current coming from the north, water temperature of 78F/25.5C and a visibility of about 50ft/15m. So we went into the water quick buoyancy checks and down we went. We swam north first to turn around and come back south along the north sand patch in the shallow area of the site were we have only 40ft/12m and in every little crevice there was at least one if not more lobsters, we saw them walking around, hiding in the rocks, and even fighting for a little crevice!...then we went through both swim-throughs and white tips were all over the place, some very relaxed just watched us swimming by, others left the little caverns and apart of sharks we had a nice school of grunts and snappers and of course more lobsters!...after shooting lots of video and photos of the sharks we went to the south side of the site down to 80ft/24m were the rocks meet the sandy bottom and there we found a little thermocline, temperature dropped only to 77F/25C, but we could feel it and because it was a little cooler the diamond stingrays and giant electric rays were all there laying on the sand! then back to the anchor line area and upo to the safety stop. So now that we have our weights all set we are ready for the full days of diving!
Now after a delicious Mexican BBQ prepared by chef Tony, we are going to sleep at “El Cañón” were we expect to dive tomorrow morning to see some hammerhead action, so stay tuned!
Hasta la vista!
Antonio Romero
Dive Instructor

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