Thursday, November 21, 2013

A great day in the Sea of Cortez!

We had a GREAT day in the Sea of Cortez!
Our first two dives were at LA REINA, near Cerralvo Island.  At this site we found a massive school of green jacks, there were so many that they literally were blocking the sun light when we were under them. Around were bonitas, bull jacks, barracudas and cormorans diving for their daily snack. In the afternoon we moved to LOS ISLOTES to dive with sea lions and it was so much fun that I ended up doing a dive that lasted 100 min! Yes, one hour and forty minute dive with the most playful sea lions in the all world. Water temp was 27C/79F, with visibility around 18m/60f, the weather was sunny and with calm seas.
Claudio Bonato
Dive Instructor

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