Sunday, November 24, 2013

Bull sharks at Cabo Pulmo and massive schools at El Bajo!

Cabo Pulmo
For our first dive we did a ship wreck dive of El Vencedor!  On our first dive we were amazed to see 5 different bull sharks, we spotted the first one as we were dropping down on the net area of the wreck, it was very nice to see it from above and as we are approaching it went away
slowly so we waited there but did not come back. We went north in the same area of the wreck until we found a sandy bottom again, there was another one bull shark coming straight at me turning left when it was just 10ft from me! We also know in this area they are morning sharks! So we continued swimming just above the sandy bottom, not too far from there we had to stop because 3 other bull sharks were chasing each other in a row! 
So ,the first dive of the morning was great about sharks, the rest of dive time was just watching schooling fish like groupers, snappers, grunts, lots of garden eels, some scorpion fish, electric rays etc. Two other dives took place in the beautiful reefs called El Bajo and Los Morros with a diversity of schooling fish just like in the first dive plus a massive school of jacks swimming circles in the same area, a really mild current kept other fish swimming into it so we were able to keep up with them swimming along side.The vis was from 40 to 50ft, water temp 79°F. current during the morning was heading south and afternoon north, surface condition windy, from SE, but sunny.
Dive Inst
Daniel Zapata

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