Monday, November 4, 2013

Sea lions, barracuda, morays, and more!

Today we all had a lot of fun doing 4 dives with juvenile sea lions! They were there every single dive starting first one early in the morning last dive of the day! They were all over us with as many as 20 to 30 little ones pulling on your reg hose, your hair, fins, mask, on your hands, they just want to play! Not to mention they have such a  smooth hairy skin, just one dive with them and you want to take one home with you! We did a bit of swimming on our dive and found a good sized  of Mexican barracudas, about one and a half to two ft long, swimming though and underwater arch was also fun! You just take the ride in the surge! We didn't have to swim far to find a giant jaw fish! We saw two other jaw fish and one of them had lots of eggs in it's mouth, so more are on the way!
You have to keep your eyes open and look very closely on the reef to find sea horse and with a little searching a brown one, that we could barely discern because it blends in so well with it's surroundings.  Scorpion fish are also able to blend exceptionally well into their environment, so we were extra careful while looking for them. We took our time to swim around in each dive to see other things like snappers, groupers, green morays, king angel fish, Cortes angel fish and more… every dive was over an hour!  Water temp 82°F, with visibility of over 50'.
What else can I say? We had a great day of diving!
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Daniel Zapata

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