Monday, November 25, 2013

We started our day with a school of hammerheads and finished with Pacific Giant Mantas!

We started the day diving at El Cañón with 81F-26C of water temperature and a great visibility of 80’ /24 m. Going down along the stern anchor and realized that we had the perfect eastern current that brings up good schools of Hammerhead Sharks to the cleaning station. We swam up to the cleaning station where the ridge turns and hold on a rock while we waited for some hammerheads, and yes they came! A school of about 20 hammerhead sharks approached briefly to the divers.
We did one more dive at El Cañón and the conditions where still  the same, however, this time we saw the glimpse of Manta that cruised by the dive site, though didn’t stick around. 
We moved to El Boiler and finished our dive day with 2 awesome Manta dives at El Boiler. We saw totally 2 different Mantas this time, but one of them hung out with all of us in both dives. The visibility was low, about 40’/12 m and a chilly thermocline. Another group spotted 2 Hammerhead Sharks by the corner of the pinnacle. That is how we closed our dive day, diving with some Pacific giant Mantas.. 
Tonight we will head towards Roca Partida! Stand by and wait for some Roca news.
Hasta la vista,
Erick Higuera


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