Saturday, November 30, 2013

Today was like Christmas day at Roca!

Roca Partida -
Today was like Christmas day according to some of our guests! During the 3 dives we did today there was not a single time with no sharks! On our first dive of the morning not even 10 minutes into the dive and we were already watching a big school of hammer heads that came back for a second glance! The rock itself on the south and northern points we found Galapagos and silver tip sharks were schooling, we were surrounded by silver tips with Galapagos sharks coming straight at us, coming up on the wall, coming out of the blue, from all directions and the! The sharks were close, not even 10' away from us! 
We also had a bit of bonitos schooling and of course silky sharks chasing them, the yellow fin tunas today were as big as the Galapagos shark, even white tip sharks were active swimming among the silver tips and Galapagos, seems everybody was out to party today!
The schooling fish were making all type of formations and spreading out letting sharks come through the school; leather bass were congregating right by the wall, we saw red and yellow tail trigger fish, creole fish, jacks, rainbow runners, and more! There was not much of swimming due a mild current from west so it was very easy to stay right where the action was! A nice and refreshing water temp got us at the depth with a 73F where it seems sharks were more active, coming up we hit a little warmer layer of 77F and for our safety stop we had an 81F even at this depth schooling hammer heads showed up. 
We had an average vis. of 70ft, and on the surface we has a bit rough conditions due to wind blowing , also clouds made this place look so remote and beautiful, as I always say one of the most unique places on earth!
Dive Inst
Daniel Zapata

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