Monday, November 11, 2013

Whale shark day in the bay of La Paz!!!!

Whale shark day!!!!
So today we spent the morning in the bay of La Paz snorkeling with whale sharks, all of our guests were so excited and happy to be in the water with them. At times even 2 sharks, with a total of 5 different ones we could identify in the area, but we are sure there were more! They were actually feeding on plankton and not afraid of snorkelers at all, they kept coming back and forth swimming right through the group of snorkelers, the smallest one was about 15ft in length being also the biggest one of about 20ft, so the feeding happened in vertical an swimming position and so close to us that we could hear the sucking up of water, they made circles swimming around us, most of them were females!
In the afternoon we decided to do some diving at Swany Rock, a really nice and shallow dive site, we were only at about 40' below the surface. The shallow dive allowed us to stay under water for an extended amount of time, each dive was at least 70 minutes long! There was mild current from west, water temp of 81°F, mild wind from west also which cleared the sky making for another beautiful sunny day! Underwater was as enjoyable as it was on the surface, with visibility of over 60ft lots of soft and hard coral beautiful tons of browns and greens, garden eels every were, lots of spotted porcupine fish! One of our guests had good eyes of one of our clients found an elusive frog fish!! The reef itself was covered with tremendous schools of Mexican barracudas, spot tail grunts, some barred pargos, scorpion fish, sea lions and so many other types of fish that formed a wall where you could not see your dive partner on the other side! Everybody was so happy !
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