Friday, March 14, 2014

Hammerheads, galapagos, silver tip and silky sharks on our first day at Roca!

Today was our first day at Roca Partida, the water temperature was 75F with 80'+ visibiility on our first two dives, but on the last dive the current picked up bringing with it murky water, and visibility dropped to around 50'. We saw white tip sharks resting on the caves of the wall, in one cave we counted 10 sharks hanging out, our divers had a great opportunity to take nice shots of them! A school of hammerheads was at the southern tip of Roca in deep water, so we only got to view them from above. On the northern side of Roca, Galapagos and silver tip sharks were swimming at around 100' of water and coming close to us so we had a nice view of them. During the ascent to do our safety stop, a couple of curious silky sharks came to see us and followed us for a few minutes. Tomorrow we will dive again at Roca and hopefully the school of hammerheads will be waiting for us! Now it's time for a nice dinner, and our guests are salsa dancing and having a great time aboard the Solmar V!
Pablo DM on board

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