Thursday, March 6, 2014

It was a perfect day of diving at San Benedicto!

Back at San Benedicto island!

We got back from Roca Partida early at about 6am and we decided to go to "El Boiler", and it ended up being a very good decision!  Once anchored at "El Boiler," we decided to dive off the pangas as it was too windy and the swell was too big to dive from our dive platform. First dive 7am, everybody ready headed out and as we went down we found no current which was nice, water temperature was 75F/24C at depth, but because of the big surge the visibility was not as good as we expected but wasn't bad at about 70ft/21m. 
First things we heard as we went down were dolphins! We waited on the west side of the dive site and 2 dolphins came "dancing" in between our divers for a few seconds!
After that some divers waited there for the dolphins to come back and my group decided to go to the east side and to our surprise we found three chevron manta rays there that made several trips back to play with our bubbles! After about 25 minutes of enjoying the show we started listening to dolphins again so we went back to the west side and a pod of 9 dolphins came up from the deep and stayed for a few minutes, posing for the cameras and playing around the divers, everybody was so happy! Our divers started doing hi fives and dances underwater and that was not all, just as we started coming up to our safety stop more mantas showed up, so we enjoyed another few minutes of mantas before getting back on the pangas to head back to Solmar V to have breakfast.
After a delicious breakfast cooked by our chef Tony, we were ready for our second dive of the day. We went down at "El Boiler" and visibility went down a little, 50ft/15m, this time we went around the pinnacle once and no mantas, but still a bunch of white tip reef sharks, lobsters, octopus, scorpion fish, panamic green moray eels, and of course clarion angel fish waiting for the mantas so they could clean them! So we got back to the west side and we found that blue water was coming in again and there they were... 3 Chevron mantas dancing with our divers again, this time they were getting more interactive and got closer to the divers! After a good show went up to the safety stop and back to our Solmar V this time to drink hot chocolate to keep us warm!
We did our third dive and this one was one to remember! We had 5 mantas with us for the entire dive!!! Dancing, posing for the cameras, letting divers get underneath them so they could enjoy our bubbles! They came up from the deep and started playing at about 80ft/24m then divers went up to about 60ft/18m and mantas did too, so after a while divers went up to about 30ft/10m and the mantas did it again! So finally we all went to do our safety stop and YES, mantas were there with us again! And if that was not enough they were still swimming underneath us while we were getting back on the pangas!
Fourth dive again 5 mantas this time 4 Chevron and 1 black manta, we had a full show for another 50 minutes, all our divers were so happy that started kissing and hugging the dive masters, doing little dances and hi fives underwater. It was a perfect day of diving, and of course again on Solmar V!
Dive master on board Solmar V 

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