Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sharks, lobsters, octopus, and green moray eels on our checkout dive at San Benedicto!

Today was our first day of diving in San Benedicto, the dive site selected for the day was "El Fondeadero". It was a checkout dive so the people could get used to the water conditions here; the visibility was 40ft/12m and the water temperature 75F/23C with no current.  It was perfect if anyone wanted to try out new wetsuits or bcd's. We saw some white tip and a couple of silver tip sharks. Lobsters, octopuses and green moray eels also on the rock for the divers to take some nice shots. Now the people is having dinner, mexican bbq on the bow courtesy of Chef Tony and after get everything ready for tomorrow everyone is excited for the four dives to come tomorrow, starting at 7 am!
Pablo DM inboard

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