Monday, March 3, 2014

We woke up to a beautiful sunrise surrounded by humpback whales!

We woke up to a beautiful sunrise surrounded by humpback whales!
We had very calm seas and a light cool breeze at he surface where a few dolphins were playing close to our dive site. We had a visibility of about 50ft. and  a water temperature of 24C/75F.
After breakfast every body gathered for the dive briefing and then down we went for our first dive of the day! There was a very light current coming from the north so we decided to dive off the dive platform on our Solmar V, so a giant stride off the back of the boat and down the descent line, once at the bottom the current was still pretty light and that allowed us to go explore the west side of the dive site where we found giant manta rays! After a few minutes into the dive the current started getting stronger, one group stayed on the deeper area on the north side and they spotted a school of about 25 hammerheads swimming right on top of them! The rest swam back towards the cleaning stations closer to the ascent line, held on to the rocks and waited until more mantas showed up and swam right above us! Then 3 hammer heads came closer to that shallower area and a little before heading back up 2 dolphins came "dancing" in front of the group! It was a very nice end to our dive.
Once at the surface we kept spotting humpback whales so our Beto and Jeronimo, our panga drivers, took two groups whale watching and the whales were very cooperative and our divers had the chance to snorkel with them for a few minutes! Of course everybody came back to the boat smiling and showing off their pictures!
A hot chocolate and then ready for the second dive, this time the current was a lot stronger, still coming from the north, so we decided to dive off the pangas this time, quick back roll and down into the blue waters. On this second dive it was more a game of waiting for the sea creatures to come to us because of the current, but after a few minutes the mantas showed up again and a few hammerheads came swimming around  the dive site once again and towards the end of our dive DM Dany and one of our divers were followed by a couple of dolphins that played around them for a few minutes before we headed to our safety stop were a black manta and a chevron manta came around to check us out!
Once at the surface  was time for lunch and today our chef Tony made us some great chicken fajitas, so after enjoying a very good meal we headed out for our third dive of the day, this time the current switched and now it was coming from the south, not too strong so we dived off our stern dive platform on the Solmar V again! This time we had the chance to see a few more hammerheads, a little group of white tip reef sharks and a couple of galapagos sharks!. While at my safety stop i was surprised by a group of 3 dolphins that swam right over my head, "danced" right in front of me and then headed down in to the blue, what a way to finish the diving day!
Divemaster on board Solmar V

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