Sunday, March 2, 2014

Our 2nd day at San Benedicto and everyone was excited!

The second day at San Benedicto, spent primarily at the dive site known as “El Boiler”; water conditions 75ºF/24ºC and visibility around 50ft/15m; with some surge but fortunately no current. Our first dive was at seven o’clock in the morning, the people were ready to go and excited about a new day of adventure in the Archipelago. Because there was no current, we had the opportunity to go around the rock, so in case we had any change on the weather conditions, the divers had the occasion to see it all. We saw some white tip sharks, schools of fishes like the jacks, some lobsters and big octopuses.
For the second dive after a delicious French toast and fruit for breakfast, we jumped in the water and saw one silver tip shark and shortly after two Pacific giant mantas that stayed with the divers for some time! Every one came up very happy with the dive after that nice encounter. During the surface interval, some of the guest went for a Panga ride and whale watching; three hump back whales were in close proximity the Solmar V! 
The best part of the day however was still waiting for us because on the third dive, five mantas were on the site and stayed with us over an hour! At the end we had to leave because we didn’t have any more air left on the tanks.
After lunch, we did the last immersion of the day. At the beginning two mantas were with us, latter on one left and the one who remained was very playful, chasing the bubbles made by the divers. We finished the day with an excellent dinner; green salad, filet mignon and ratatouille made by our famous chef Tony from Ensenada!
Pablo DM onboard
Solmar V

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