Friday, March 21, 2014

Schooling hammerheads, mantas, and more on our last day at San Benedicto

The last diving day of our trip, and because of the good weather conditions we decided to stay at “El Boiler” all day. The water temperature was between 72ºF/22ºC to 75ºF/23ºC and for the morning dive we had strong current coming from North so we decided to stay around the pinnacle so we could find shelter from the current and had an opportunity to see the mantas! After breakfast we jumped in the water for the second and third dives of the day; on the second dive the current calm down so we could go further out to the deeper rocks and try to find some sharks. The first shark we spotted was a tiger shark down deep, below our nitrox limits. After that we ran into a couple of hammerhead and three Galapagos sharks, also a black manta and a little school of jack fishes; then we swam back to the pinnacle and spent the rest of our bottom time with four mantas.
After almost two hours at the surface we did the third dive; one more time we went further out around the reef into the blue expecting to find some interesting animals. We started to look for schools of fishes; suddenly into the cold murky water one hammerhead showed up, then another one and then a school of fifty or so sharks at eighty feet of water!! We started to follow them slowly and not to close so they could get us to us, they gradually came near and some of them swam around the divers. They were moving from 80 to 50 feet/24 to 15 meters, in the cold-water region so we spent more than 20 minutes with them and wish we could have stayed longer if it wasn't for our our decompression limits! Finally we ascended to do our safety stop and at 30 feet/10 meters, a big tiger shark came right at our divers!
When we came back to the boat the lunch was ready and a delicious burger was waiting for us, with ice cream for dessert. The last dive we gave a shot again to try to find the school of sharks. On our way down, we spotted two hammerhead sharks and one Galapagos shark. We continued swimming heading to the rock where it’s possible to spot the sharks and we found some more hammerheads, but now they were too deep for us, so we just saw them from top.  This was the end to a phenomenal trip, and now we are heading back to Cabo San Lucas with nice shots and good memories from Revillagigedo Archipelago.
Until next trip…
Pablo DM onboard

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