Saturday, March 1, 2014

Dolphins in the area and mantas waiting for us at San Benedicto!

A windy morning but sunny, air temperature 80 ˚F (25  ̊C), as we enjoyed the surface conditions we noticed dolphins were in the area, during our briefing a manta was awaiting right in the stern of the boat, once briefing was over, it was time to go diving!
The first thing we noticed was a current from East, we knew then it was gonna be good! As we made our way along one hammer shows up then a second, then a silver tip shark! Once we got to the cleaning station we stopped and waited. In minutes 40 to 50 hammer heads showed up in a school, swimming back and forth in front of us, some of them over head a bit, they were right where we wanted, our gusts took lots of pictures!! So the first dive was about hammer heads but a tiger shark came by so close that we had the time to capture it in video, beautiful male of about 10ft in length right behind the place we call the corner, before we knew it it was time to come up for a safety stop drifting in the current listening to humpback whale singing!
The corner was the place for our second dive, we waited there for a while but there was not much action so we swam out into the blue following the trail of jacks!  It took a bit of kicking, but we foudn 12 hammerheads circling just below our fins! We returned to the reef to spend time with jacks, scorpion fish, octos, morays, redtail trigger fish, white tips,  to finish our dive we drifted away slowly, making the safety stop going West. Water temp was 77 ˚F, vis was about 40ft.
The third dive was a combination of blue water dive and along the reef! Out in the blue we found some hammer heads, juvenile silver tips, the corner was packed up with fish due to a some extra current! We made a stop at the cleaning station for a few minutes to enjoy of a chevron manta. 
The final dive today was spent along the reef with lots of barber jacks, octos, lobsters, morays, burrito grunts, leather bass, etc.  We had a slightly stronger current but it was still fun! The behavior of fish is changing, some trying to go sleep while other getting out, you can tell because the light and fish behavior, at the end of dive we could hear dolphins close by but we didn't get to spend any time underwater! 
Dive Inst
Daniel Zapata      

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