Saturday, November 22, 2014

A lot of little critters, a few sharks, and a giant manta on our checkout dive at San Benedicto!

Hello friends!
Here we are on our third trip of our Socorro season!
It all started yesterday at about 4pm when we left Cabo San Lucas, the crossing was awesome, as the seas was really really calm, weather was warm enough to wear our shorts and sandals but not too hot, the atmosphere on the boat was perfect, crew and costumers joking around all day long, so after 24 hours, today we got to San Benedicto island!
After setting the anchor and a quick dive briefing, we went into the water for our checkout dive at “Las Cuevas”. Quick buoyancy checks for everybody and down we went, water was very nice, water temperature was 27C/80F, visibility about 20m/65ft, and no current, just a little bit of surge! So we went to explore the dive site a little and we found lots of life, big lobsters walking around everywhere, green moray eels, little schools of surgeon fish, burrito grunts and moorish idols, also stingrays, the surprise of the dive was to find a guitar fish, as they usually hang around in cooler waters, the 2 swimthrough's were full of lobsters up on the ceiling, schools of grunts, bunch of white tip reef sharks were laying there and also a big stingray was swimming around as we got in!
The highlights of the dive were a sea turtle, a manta ray that showed up for a few minutes, and a couple of juvenile silver tip sharks that were hanging under the boat at our safety stop, so all to all a very enjoyable checkout dive that got everybody excited to start the real dives tomorrow morning.
After the dive we had a delicious mexican BBQ prepared by chef Tony and now we are going to spend the night next to “El Boiler” and the plan is to dive it tomorrow morning at 7am so we are all crossing our fingers for the bottle nosed dolphins and mantas to come and play with us!
Stayed tuned and we'll let you know how that went!
Dive Instructor

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