Saturday, November 15, 2014

Tons of Octopi, mantas, and dolphins at Socorro Island!

Four dives at Cabo Pearce with great visibility of over 80’/25m and a water temperature of 80F/26C!
The first morning dive was quiet, no mantas nor dolphins made their appearance, however, the reef was covered of tons of Octopi and many peacock flounders that entertained our divers with dozens of photographs. By the second dive 3 Mantas hung out by the reef and passed by back and forth to get clean by the endemic Clarion Angelfishes that removed the parasites off of the Mantas; the dolphins hadn’t arrived yet.
Between the second and third dive while we gas off, we spotted 2 dolphins that arrive to the dive site, basically right by the anchor line, so in a hurry we geared up and jumped in to the water hoping to encounter the dolphins up and yes, we got lucky! Both dolphins stayed around giving quite close passes to the divers for about 20 min before taking off. While we hung and waited if they return, 2 Mantas delivered another great show while again getting clean by a dozen of Clarions! However the current brought a cloud of murky water and the visibility dropped towards the end of the dive. 
The current changed direction by the time of the fourth dive and cleaned the water out pretty well to leave a visibility of 100’/30 m at least. Well we wanted to keep having mantas sightings and waited hovering over one of the cleaning stations of Cabo Pearce when we heard the whistling of the Dolphins, we tried to figured out where the whooshing sound came from and all of a sudden 12 of them showed up! Immediately all of us jumped out the hanging point and begun swimming dolphin style just to keep the playful porpoises around, yes indeed, they all stayed around for the rest of the dive, while some swam with acrobatic moves, other dolphins fell vertically into the deep! What a way to finish the dive day at Socorro Island! We’re heading towards the Navy Base to check in and after we’ll leave to go back to San Benedicto looking forward to having more dolphins and mantas action.
Stay tuned for the next adventures with the amigos of Solmar V!
C’ ya!
Erick Higuera

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