Wednesday, November 12, 2014

El Fondeadero. El Cañón, and el Boiler of San Benedicto!

Our first two morning dives were done in the south side of San Benedicto, both were drift dives beginning at El Fondeadero and ending in El Cañón. The visibility was kind of murky and the water temperature was still around 80F/26 C.
We saw one of the black super friendly Manta that escorted us the entire first dive and all the way to the safety stopped drifting in the western cleaning station of El Cañón, we were hoping to find some hammerhead sharks schooling, but we found a couple of Silvertip and several White Tip Reef Sharks patrolled the peak of the cleaning station. By the afternoon the weather conditions had calmed down a lot and we moved to El Boiler to do the last two dives of the day. The water was crystal blue and 6 different Mantas swam around the monticule in a synchronized movement. On both dives all Mantas hung out over all the divers heads just enjoyed their bubbles as always! One of the black Mantas was the same one that we have seen in the first dive at El Cañón, this one had moved up to el Boiler to meet up with the rest of her friends! What a day to finish the first day of the trip!
Tonight after our first traditional Taquisa (barbeque), we’ll move to Roca Partida. The weather so far is good enough for the 10 hr crossing to Roca.
Stay tuned for the next Solmar V adventures!
Hasta la vista,
Erick Higuera

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