Thursday, November 13, 2014

Roca Partida, where anything can happen!

Today we were at Roca Partida and anything can happen here! 
We had great conditions after a stormy day, even if it is a bit cloudy, our air temp was around 30˚C/88˚F.  The water temp was 27˚C/80˚F, just a shorty would do it for today! As the day looks promising from the surface the current hitting the rock from West side does the same thing so here we go Roca! 
Luis Godinez and Geronimo dropped us off at the spot where we know we have good chances start the morning dive, vis is about 20 to 30 m/ 65 to 100ft, with fish all around, silver tip sharks extra friendly coming closer and closer with every pass, so curious.  A small group of stripe bonitos were in a rush, swimming from here to there,  while one massive tuna was chasing them!  They are very coordinated to move at the same time, making for a great video opportunity!  We had a moderate current so we decided to drift along with it, we passed lots of wahoos, steel pompanos, baby white tip sharks, on the ledges, green morays, and yellow and red tail trigger fish!  We had excellent conditions during the surface interval, smooth surface with a mild wind to cool us off on this warm day!  As we made our way to the western side of the rock, for our second dive, we noticed that the rock looks brand new, washed out from rains with lots of frigate birds and boobies!  As we were making our descent the current is doing it's job taking us along the wall to the south point where we could find shelter.  Just minutes after we arrived at the southern point of the Rock, a huge pregnant whale shark approached our area from the south, the current is bringing good things!  She was swimming below our recreational dive limit, but she was swimming nice and slow just below us!  The jacks were doing their normal behavior along the wall, 2 hammerhead sharks showed up followed by 8 BIG yellow fin tunas, and 4 Galapagos sharks!  To stretch our legs a bit, we kicked our way over the east side, but the action was best at the southern point, so we didn't spend too much time on the east side before heading back south!  When we got back there was a lot of fish swimming in mid water, and the whale shark that was just below our dive limit was shallower around 25m/80ft!  We followed her for a bit before enjoying a sweet drift back along the wall filled with jack fish and silver tip sharks!
For our 3rd dive, we had a bit more current, but it brought another pregnant whale shark twice during our dive, that we got to spend more time with than in our previous dive, with lots of fish around! Vis was 20m/65ft+, we had a relaxed safety stop drifting, where our panga drivers Luis and Geronimo were ready to pick us up.  We ended our day with a Panga ride aroudn the rock courtesy of Geronimo, with a sunset in the background and lots of birds in the air!  The dark of night also brought lots of silky sharks around the boat the stayed here until early in the morning, so current is a good thing!
Dive Inst.
Daniel Zapata

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