Sunday, November 2, 2014

Back at Socorro Island for the first time this season!

Hi All!
We're back at Socorro Island for the first time this season!  Our day at Cabo Pearce started with a great sunrise full of gorgeous colors in low clouds, a gentle breeze, surface water temp of 81F, with a mild current from the south west, and 50'+ visibility! We descended down the rope, and our first glance noticed that the reef is covered with lots of reef fish, we were so busy looking at it that minutes flew by, the next thing we notice, a Chevron manta is swimming right over our heads.  It was so friendly, like it remembers us, it came to us several times, we did nothing except maintain our depth just taking in the gentle giant gracefully swimming around us, changing from horizontal to vertical positions, showing us his white belly with unique spot patterns, along with lots of Clarion angelfish endemic to the Revillagigedos, cleaning parasites from it's back!

The second dive we called the manta dive, because we had giant mantas from the beginning to the end of the dive! They stayed the entire time, and for the dive masters this brough back nice memories from our past season here at Cabo Pearce!  
Our surface interval was fun, doing a panga ride with Luis, enjoying an exterior surface temp of  34˚C/93˚F, with some Socorro Island bird watching, and 7 dolphins surfing on the small swells created by the pangas!  What a fantastic time we're having here!
The mild current on our 3rd dive took us along the reef, allowing us to stretch our legs a bit, it was not a bad dive at all.  We found lobsters, octos, green morays, white tip sharks, juvenile Galapagos sharks, a cleaning station with lots of barber fish, waiting for a dolphin or shark to be cleaned, and a chevron manta was waiting for us at the end of the reef!  One octopus was reaching over with it's long arm trying to take the camera from our bare hands, for a selfie I guess, it was pulling and insisting on getting the camera, but we didn't let the octo have it!  Dolphins were in the area, we could hear them close by but they didn't want to be seen just yet! There were more dolphins during the surface interval just teasing us!  For the last dive of the day, the current picked up a bit but it was very manageable.  On the north side of the wall we found 9 dolphins that circled us and made us follow them drifting in the current! Once we got back to the surface everyone was excited to get some time underwater with the dolphins we had previously seen during our surface interval!
Big time, big memories!

Dive Inst.
Daniel Zapata

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