Friday, November 14, 2014

Hello again from Roca Partida!

Hello again from Roca Partida!
We started our second day at Roca Partida with very nice calm seas and a beautiful sunrise, Dive master Erick even took some of our divers on a mini sunrise cruise around the rock and right after that, diving time!
First dive of the morning, 8am everybody ready to go, so we got on the pangas and off we went to the rock. It looked very calm without not much current so we decided to go into the water on the north end of the rock. Once in the warm water, 81F/27C, we confirmed that there was pretty much no current, only the usual surge typical of Roca Partida. We started descending and what a way to start the day, at about 100ft./30m one of the groups saw this huge female pregnant whale shark! It went right under the group and then swam into the blue, the same whale shark came back 3 times more just cruising right in front of the divers!!!
The west side of the rock was full of fish, cotton mouth jacks, big eye jacks, creole fish and swimming among them, SHARKS!!! We had some silver tips, white tips and a little deeper a few Galapagos. After swimming off the wall into the blue we found a few hammer heads, one of them started swimming under our divers and then started heading right at us and about 2 meters away from us before turning around and disappeared into the blue.
By the end of the dive we were just hovering on the southern end of the rock waiting for a surprise and there it was! The same whale shark came by at about 15m/50ft right in front of us to give us another great memory of this dive!
For our second and third dive we had a north west current that was quite strong, so we decided to go into the water on that north west corner but as soon as we hit the water the current will just drag you one way or the other around the rock so we ended up going to the east side of the rock, on both dives. We couldn't find the whale shark again but this strong current brought some cooler water up so all the Galapagos and silver tip sharks were hanging a little shallower this time at about 30m/100ft. I know this is deep but better than at 40m/130ft! Even a silky shark came by very very close to one of our divers getting very interested with his camera strobes. By the end of out second dive we had a chevron manta that came up from the deep all the way to 15m/50ft to give us a good show for a few minutes!
So at the end another great day of diving at Roca Partida on the Solmar V!
Now after a delicious BBQ prepared by chef Tony, we are heading to Socorro Island to dive Cabo Pearce tomorrow morning! =)
Dive Instructor 
Solmar V

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