Sunday, December 14, 2014

Roca Partida was like being in an aquarium!

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Dec 13, 2014
    Roca Partida Today.
A unique diversity of life above and below the surface! We had partially cloudy morning with sun light breaking through, underwater, the lack of light due the clouds and current from East all day made the dive interesting and active for all creatures. Life underwater was abundant, the vis 15 to 24m/50 to 80ft, water temp from 26.6˚C/80˚F to 25˚C/77˚F, heavy surge. The was current rich in nutrients made it all happen on the East side, packs of Pacific creolefish, Blackjacks, Big eye trevally, cottonmouth Jacks, yellow and red tail trigger fish, barber fish everywhere, they were all moving in different directions slowly with Fish feeding on other fish, always alert for signs of weakness, and obviously the ones that rule the place are always present. Sharks, on the South and North point of the rock the action was on! We found lots of Galapagos, silver tip and silky sharks at any depth and using the congregation of fish to come from behind. Today the change in water temp made every single fish active, white tip sharks were also congregating on the ledges by numbers of 20 to 30 of them. Lots of Leather Bass using the wall to lessen the effort of facing the current in what seem to be another thermocline at depth. Along with it camesome green water. In a slow non threatening approach these fish give you the opportunity to get great shots since they come really close to you! Another great fish we saw were the yellow fin tunas! We watched as they launched  attacks at a bait ball, coming from shallow to deep water in a matter of seconds, displaying different coloration on their body markings! Also the Pacific Creolefish retracted from the imaginary line of protection. It felt like being in an aquarium of fish, with the sound travelling so fast underwater dolphins were sending out the message ----we are here---- so loud! In the search for Hammer Heads we swam into cold water pockets we found them 2, 3, 4 here and there. 
By the end of our day of diving at 16:00, the light penetrating into the water was less, and those gigantic 4 to 5 ft long Yellow Fin Tunas were returning to the rock. They were swimming in 3m/10ft of water from North to South made all fish in the area feel terrified, they were just like the bad guys of the movie! Two Wahoo were very comfortable swimming around divers during our safety stop and not only that, Steel Pompanos also made those 3 to 5 minutes go by fast by staying close enough for video filming!
Just by surfacing near the rock something trigger all the frigate birds making them take off from the rock, magnificent birds reaching wing span of 217cm/85in, Boobies as well, smaller birds reaching wing span of 74cm/29in,  so we ended up being on the surface with lots of birds flying over our heads!
Dive Inst
Daniel Zapata.

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