Wednesday, December 17, 2014

We found lots of hammerheads, tunas, and other sharks on our return to Roca Partida!

Hi all! Dec 16, 2014
Roca Patida this morning seemed like a place where no one has been before, partially clouded, in a remote area, completely isolated.
Water temp is getting colder a bit 25˚C/77˚F, with it good things will come soon, more specifically hump back whales!
In the mean time, we had mild current from the east all day long and water temp changes at depth made us enjoy of diversity of life! Hammerheads appeared on each dive, schools of from 60 to 100 sharks each time from depths of 21m/70 to 36m/120ft. The second dive became a drift with them for as long as 20 minutes, a wonderful view we had when just hovering in mid water watching the world of fish moving so slow adopting different formations. At times we followed the black jacks with no direction apparently but in the end they lead us to more hammer heads! The return to the rock from drifting was amazing, it transitioned from a blurry image vision in front of you until its real solid rock you can almost touch with lots of creole fish surrounding it. Galapagos sharks are a very important part of the rock, coming from all directions swimming slowly, wagging their tail in a slow motion we saw them go away and return, coming close many times only 2m/6ft from our divers!  Breaking through the school of fish in shallow water activity was on as well silky sharks active chasing a school of yellow fin tunas, a chevron manta appeared slowly swimming as well to make a few circles around and goes away.
The surface intervals were something really to enjoy too, enough sun temp for a good tan!
The last dive today since the sun is setting on the west the east side was a bit darker, day time yellow fin tunas as big as 60kg/130lb approx like to chase and hunt, sharks like that as well and got excited for or if any leftovers, those10 tunas were the bad guys of the area, attacking in horizontal, descending and ascending positions, other times just cruising along checking thins out for the next attack! Obviously, we were there to enjoy and eye witness how fascinating underwater life behave when it comes to feeding.
Tunas were not the only thing here, the Galapagos shark still there, even some pregnant ones. So the highlight of the day lots of Hammer Heads, Tunas and other sharks.
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Daniel Zapata

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