Friday, December 5, 2014

We spent our diving day with giant mantas, dolphins, and more at Socorro Island!

Hi All! 
Beautiful green Socorro Island with its Volcano on the West side to an amazing sunrise in East side.
Cabo Pearce so good we stayed for all 4 dives today, we all enjoyed of a little bit of everything under good dive conditions, water temp 27.2˚C/81˚F, moderate visibility and a strong current from North.  We had to swim into the current for a little bit of time to get to North Edge, but it was only a matter of time before we were there at 27m/90ft holding on to the rocks, then you feel how strong the current is traveling, and just minutes later what we were really hoping to see appeared in front of us! Hammerheads doing two things: Schooling in as many as 50 to 60 individuals and swimming a bit on the side, current doesn’t bother them as they showed up they turned around into the current to swim off in front of our eyes, they make look so easy to swim into it! So good 20 to 30 seconds of it was enough to get out of the water screaming of excitement for many happy divers! To end our dive we drifted for short time during our safety stop.
Of course we had Manta action too, as usual in the shallow water cleaning station around 12m/40ft some Mantas were having fun in the current as well, letting it take them away a bit then return to cleaning stations to play more! Bright orange clarion angelfish were in a rush to get to the Manta first to do the job done and clean all parasites from it!
Dolphins were part of the fun as well, a bit later along in the day we had some mild wind causing minor swells, and the dolphins were surfing those swells! Others were doing high jumps, underwater the best thing was to be able to swim alongside with them, so close doing eye contact. They passed on to you the idea of smiling while swimming and by chirping they are letting you know you they are in the area so keep eyes wide open or you miss them which you definitely don’t want to! 
Juvenile Galapagos sharks were very curious, they like to play the game you don’t see me I come closer, now you see me I go away! Over and over that even make you laugh rather than worry!
Lobsters, green moray eels, and flounders are really good at blending in as well as scorpion fish! Octopus were also something that kept us really busy finding them while Mantas got here, the reef gets so busy with life around sunset time, life coming from different depths, you just hover as we did over the reef and enjoy a wonderfully pleasant moment underwater surrounded by all kinds of life.
For the most part sunny day with air temp of 33˚C/93˚F.
So Cabo Pearce is one of those places can make memorable dive experiences!
Dive Inst
Daniel Zapata.

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