Thursday, December 4, 2014

Whale sharks, mantas, and schooling hammerheads, Roca Rocks!

Second day at Roca Partida, the conditions kept the same as yesterday, water temperature 78F/25C and a visibility of 100’/30m. In the first dive we encountered 2 Mantas that kept circling around the pinnacle the entire dive, if some divers missed them, all they had to do is wait because the Mantas were going to come back around. Down deep the White Tip Reef Sharks still patrolled the south point with couple of Galapagos Sharks. We all hoped to see one of the Whale Sharks we had seen yesterday on the last dive, however didn’t show up.
Not until 4 of our guests that were low on air earlier than the rest of the group, headed away of the rock to complete their stop, so while doing it, the 30’/10 m Whale Shark cruised by underneath the feet just to give them a brief pass for later disappeared in the blue. Lucky divers, sometime is good to end the dive early and drift away into the blue, you never know what you can find out there!
Second dive, conditions were the same, however this time three Mantas, two Chevron and one Black one chased each other delivering a synchronized dance at the north point. Two of them took off and only one stayed around receiving bubble massages by some of the divers. We all gave up of hanging and waiting if the Whale Shark showed up this time by the rock but never did, so we tried to change our luck and headed towards the south point to check if we found her there, but instead of a Whale Shark, about 50 Hammerhead Sharks showed up from nowhere and hung out with us for about 5 min. Time to come up and end the dive.
We decided to try one more time the south point in the third dive in case if we could find the Hammers, no luck this time, but there were several Silkie Sharks that kept pursuing a small group of Bonitos that tried to escape from them, everybody got entertained shooting the persecution. This time one the Chevron Mantas swam by but didn’t show any interest in us.
So far in the season, Roca has been really good in Mantas and Whale Sharks sightings since the season started, so as always, Roca rocks!
Tonight after dinner, a beautiful sunset and a bunch of delicious Luis’s Margaritas, we’ll head to Socorro Island to looking forward to diving with friendly Dolphins and Mantas getting clean by dozens of Clarion Angelfishes at the famous cleaning station of Cabo Pearce, and who knows, maybe another spotty Shark?
Thanks for tuning in, stand by for the next adventures with the folks of the Solmar V!
Hasta la vista!
 Erick Higuera

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