Monday, December 15, 2014

What a mantastic day we had today at Cabo Pearce!

What a mantastic day we had today at Cabo Pearce at Socorro Island!
We did 4 dives total with good water conditions, water temperature of 78F/25C and 50’-80’/12m-24m of visibility. The current blew the reef the entire day, a strong north current probably of about 2 knots, but we could still find shelter on the other side of the cliff where typically the Mantas love to swim up the current to stop and literally hover over the cleaning stations to get clean by dozens of the endemic bright orange Clarion Angelfishes! That is one of the reasons why the Mantas are here in the Archipelago of Revillagigedo, besides they have a food and shelter. Anyways, we had four great dives with these majestic animals that kept coming back and forth to get the parasites and old skin cleaned off and to enjoy our bubbles massage. On every dive we got the chance to see at least 5 different mantas, and every single diver form this group got countless great opportunities to get really good footage of these “sea blankets” and the divers without any cameras of course entertained the mantas with their non stop bubbles massage.
Of course when the mantas weren't there at some moments, we were not wasting time! If we were not looking and finding Octopi mating, we were watching for green morays, peacock flounders and also the whitetip reef sharks that reside in the crevices of Cabo Pearce!
On one of the dives we used the chance of having a strong current and tried our luck to swim along to reef up to the end of it in the pursuit of Hammerhead Sharks, at the end of the reef we foudn two hammerheads but not the school we were hoping for!.
The Dolphins didn’t show up during the dives, I guess they were teasing us because during our surface intervals this porpoises were showing up in the surface left and right.
We were planning at the beginning of the day to go this afternoon to Roca Partida, but considering that we had great dives at Cabo Pearce, we changed our mind and made the decision to stay another day just to have another mantastic day and who knows, maybe schooling hammerheads? Or dolphins? We will see! So stayed tuned for tomorrow’s adventures with the Solmar V folks!
Hasta la próxima!
Erick Higuera

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