Thursday, December 11, 2014

We found a lot of life on our checkout dive at Las Cuevas!

Hi All    Dec 10, 2014 
San Benedicto Island.
We had a beautiful journey traveling south to this Volcanic Island, the Ocean treated us with no swells since our departure yesterday from Cabo San Lucas, a vis ahead of us of miles, no wind and some clouds that made the island look like it had just rained. 
Las Cuevas was our check out dive of the day, one of the things that made our dive very exciting was to find blue water in this area, as we are descending we found a water temp of 27.2˚C/81˚F and just to keep was working out a bit of current from north that made our dive easy to drift back to the anchor line after have done the 2 swim-throughs that for many was something remarkable! The white tips were part of the welcome to the dive area by being all over, a silky shark was also part of it swimming above the divers, hiding behind the big boulders area at 20m/66ft of water a very good sized green turtle saw us go by! It swam away slowly swimming leaving a trail of fine sand that was covering its shell as it continued moving ahead. Not shy at all were the green morays that were out of home swimming free, it seems sunset time is party time! Lobsters did the same thing, they were out walking backwards doing what seems to be a confrontation of antennas against antennas and front legs fight! Other areas were covered with lots of reef fish finding shelter in the green and brown hard coral. Sandy areas are also the home for giant electric rays, there are many all over so stay out of reach! You really feel it so we have to remember to be careful and calm down electric ray, we are just passing by! More white tip sharks swimming around us to make that shocking experience go away, the giant Diamond head rays crossed our trajectory leaving the trail of sand that was covering it while on the bottom. Back in the swims through the white tip sharks are resting on the bottom left and right side of it, we took the time to stay inside of the it, its amazing how just by having a solid structure of rock over our heads is enough to separate the noise from the surface! Its so quiet in there! Fish and lobsters don’t move inside, well they do it to let us go by, once out of it we were back in our noisy atmosphere, there were more sharks in the area 2 juvenile silver tips were making some circles around us    Tou know they play the game as usual... You see them they swim away, you don’t see them they come closer and so on…..
Well by the end of the dive an area of green water, less vis was moving in by then we are doing our safety stop using descend and ascend line, out of the water the sunset was gorgeous combined with red wine and a delicious Mexican BBQ in open area as the bow of the Solmar V, prepared by our Chef Tony.
    Dive Inst
    Daniel Zapata

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